Male Extra Review – What Results Can You Expect?


I originally utilized Male Extra a couple of years back. Results were great yet they have changed the recipe a couple of times from that point forward.

A year ago I submitted another request. I needed to try out the new equation and perceive how it thinks about to the bygone one.

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a Male Enhancement Supplement and it’s been offering on the web since 2009.

It’s created and sold by an organization called Wolfsonberg Limited

A portion of the cases made by the organization include:

Greater and Harder Erections

Expanded Sexual Performance

Greater Ejaculations and Intense Orgasms

How Does Male Extra Work For Bigger and Thicker Erections?

Male Extra contains an extraordinary mix of fixings that give sexual improvement benefits.

Huge numbers of the fixings have a notoriety for boosting moxie, stamina and blood stream.

I’ve included a full rundown of fixings beneath with a portrayal of each.


L-Arginine is an amino corrosive that is found in sustenances, for example, Red Meat and Fish.

It works by expanding Nitric oxide levels in your body, which builds blood stream.

The outcome is greater, harder and all the more incredible erections.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract is an extract from the Pomegranate natural product.

This organic product is notable as “Natures Viagra”

It’s demonstrated to expand blood stream and decrease tiredness amid physical exercise.

The final product is more stamina and more grounded erections


MSM is a mineral that is a natural type of Sulfur.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is basic for your cell and tissue wellbeing.

The outcome is better cell wellbeing and the capacity for your penis to hold more blood.


L-Methionine is an amino corrosive that diminishes the dimensions of Histamine in your body.

Elevated amounts of Histamine makes you climax a lot quicker.

L-Methionine brings down the dimensions of Histamine and causes you last longer in bed.

The outcome is better stamina and control amid sex.


Zinc is a mineral that is fundamental for solid testosterone generation.

This mineral expands testosterone levels and sperm tally.

The outcome is a higher sex drive, erection quality, and sound sperm.


Cordyceps is a one of a kind sort of mushroom that develops high up in the Himalayas.

Otherwise called Cordyceps Sinensis it builds oxygen in your blood.

The outcome is better blood stream, more grounded erections and more elevated amounts of stamina.


Niacin is a Vitamin that is otherwise called Vitamin B3.

Nutrient B3 enhances erectile brokenness and diminish weariness.

The outcome is better erections and more elevated amounts of vitality.

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Request Process, Payment + Shipping

On the Male Extra site, you can pick between the accompanying installment choices.


Credit/Debit Card

I had no parity in my Paypal account so I made installment with my check card.

After installment, I got arrange affirmation and afterward a finished request email.

A few days after the fact my request touched base in a plain bundling.

You couldn’t tell that the bundle contained boo pills and I had no interesting looks from the postman.

Your PayPal or financial record will indicate “WOLFSONBERG”

My Results After Using Male Extra For 60 Days

As per the back of the container, you should take 3 male extra cases multi day.

I generally take these kinds of enhancements in the meantime every morning.

On the off chance that you miss days you won’t accomplish the best outcomes.

Month 1

Results came quick with Male Extra and I saw my moxie expanding in the primary couple of days.

Amid the initial couple of weeks by my erections beginning developing in size. I additionally begun awakening rock strong each morning

Month 2

Results were best amid weeks 4-8.

My erections estimate expanded and my penis began hanging greater when flabby.

My sex drive was high and my sexual execution was expanding quick.

Likewise, my sweetheart and I had some incredible sex and she was exceptionally fulfilled without fail.

On the off chance that you take Male Extra for longer than 2 months the outcomes will be far better.

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Demonstrated Formula – The mix contains some ground-breaking erection boosting fixings.

Quick Acting Results – Male Extra begins working quick. You should begin the vibe the impacts in the initial couple of days.

Amazing Results – When you take the containers consistently the outcomes are ground-breaking.

Live Chat Customer Support – You can visit with help utilizing the live talk include on the site.

Unconditional promise – You recover a 60-day cash ensure on all requests.


No Express Shipping – There was no choice for express transporting when I submitted my request.

Not Cheap – It’s not the least expensive enhancement available but rather you get what you pay for.

Where Can You Buy Male Extra and How Much Does It Cost?

Male Extra isn’t sold in stores.

You can just request coordinate from the official site.

When you arrange Male Extra you can look over 3 changed bundles.

1 Month Supply – You get 1 bottle with this bundle. Each container contains 90 cases and goes on for 30 days. The expense of the jug is $64.95.

4 Month Supply – You get 4 bottles with this arrangement. You pay for 3 bottles and get one free. You additionally get a free container of Erection Gel. The expense of this bundle is $197.95.

6 Month Supply – You get 6 bottles with this bundle. You pay for 4 bottles and get 2 free. You additionally get 2 free Erection Gels. The expense of this bundle is $249.90.

You likewise get free overall transportation and a 60-day unconditional promise on all requests.

Last Thoughts

Male Extra is a standout amongst other male improvement supplements that I’ve tried up until this point.

The new equation was twice tantamount to the former one.

Results were quick and got substantially more extreme amid month 2.

The more you take it the better the outcomes.

Male Extra is a decent alternative for folks searching for a quick acting enhancement for greater erections that last.

You additionally get FREE overall delivery and a 60-day unconditional promise on all requests.

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Male Extra Review
Winners of the best penis enlargement pill by far. This penis enlargement pill is one of the newest but as been researched for over many years.

top the best ingredients with a unique blend make this penis pill a 5 star choice. You get exactly what you pay for, results. You will notice not only increased size but also all the other benefits listed above.

I have had reports of gains up to 3-4 inches and receive on a daily basis comunication from my readers who have tried this best product and increased their penis size , strength and grith.

I personally made the majority of my gains with this penis enlargement pill.

From money point of view this site is the best one. You get free packaging which saves you $25+.

All orders are shipped on the same day as ordering and delivery usually only takes a matter of days in either order places.

This is because Male Extra has offices in all of most demanding countries (UK, Canada and USA). Delivery for the rest of the world is extremely quick as well.

Clinical References

1 Klots, T., Mathers, MJ., Braun, M., Bloch, W., and Engelmann, U. (1999): ‘Effectiveness of oral L-arginine in first-line treatment of erectile dysfunction in a controlled crossover study’. Urologia Internationalis, 1999;63(4):220-3, PMID: 10743698 back
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Male Extra

Its a Doctor Recommended Product!

Male Extra entire system is doctor recommended and all of the ingredients used in the pills are of the highest quality and doctor approved. Production is done on an FDA approved laboratory – not many sites can claim this.

Male Extra

Male Extra ® Official Site – Doctor Recommended Male Enhancement Pills

The Male Extra Capsules are all ABOUT results, within days you will notice an increased sex drive and your penis will start to hang longer in the flaccid state.

Soon afterwards you will start to notice stronger and bigger erections and your entire penis including the girth will be a lot bigger.

Most guys will experience gains of 1.7″ – 3.5″ and i have even had reports of guys enlarging their penis by MORE than this!

This penis enlargement pill is by far the best quality and the most likely to provide you with the results that you have wanted.

It as been cemented in my number one spot for some while now due to the excellent pills and excellent all round experience.

Male Extra

Safety When Using Male Extra
Every man is not the same, and the things that might work for me might not work for you. All the ingredients in this supplement are natural, but that doesn’t mean it will react the same to every man.

Knowing what you are allergic will show you if you can use this product. Before taking any supplement, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor first.

Although most of the ingredients in Male Extra are natural, you still have to ensure that your body will respond positively to the ingredients. Knowing what you body responds to can help to boost the effectiveness of the supplement.

Overall the ingredients in the product are natural which means there isn’t too much you have to worry about when taking the supplement.

Ingredients and claims

This supplement proudly touts itself as the only one of its kind with BioPerine®, a black pepper extract cultivated in southern Indian regions.

The patented BioPerine® form, which has been medically tested in the United States, is said to significantly enhance the bioavailability of nutrients through higher absorption.

male extra’s benefits, like all top selling male enhancement products, include:

Increased erection size, both in width and length
Strengthening and toning effect on the sexual glands
Increase in penile blood circulation
Increased stamina and sex drive
Here are some of the ingredients found in Male Extra:
Piper Nigrum L
Ptychopetalum Olaciodes
Epimedium Sagittatum
Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba
Aphrodisiaca Fructose Serenoae
Erythroxylum Catuaba
Fructose Carataegi
There are some other non-active ingredients found in the product, and they are:
Asian Red Ginseng
Saw Palmetto Berry
Catuaba Bark Extract
Hawthorn Berry
Muira Pauma Bark Extract
All of the ingredients found in Male Extra are natural. Meaning you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals in the product that could hurt your body instead of healing it.

Also, no other male enhancement product on the market has as much doctor recommendations as Male Extra. If you search throughout the web, you’ll see that many people have had positive results from using it.

Male Extra has been medically tested. To give customers the best product, Male Extra was tested long before becoming available on the market. Knowing that the product has been tested will give men more confidence in using the product.

Know more about Male Extra ingredients

How Is Male Extra Different From Other Products On The Market?
Most of the male enhancement supplements on the market have one ingredient that it tries to use to fix all of your problems. Now because of this, most supplements are not as effective as they could be.

However, the ingredients in Male Extra makes the product effective in curing your erectile problems.

Male Extra
More Info on male extra medical studies

What Makes Male Extra Number 1 Penis Enlargement Pills?
Reason #1: Bigger and better penis size gains!
Male Extra will increase: Penis size, Ejaculations, Sexual libido, Erections, Confidence

Reason #2: Value for money!
Male Extra are SHIPPED FREE and their bonuses on orders are worth up to $500! They offer FREE memberships to Penis-Health and Men’s Forte sites. And let’s not forget the free supply of Volume Pills and other neat stuff.

Reason #3: Proper company with proper support!
There customer support works 24/7 and they get regular email with testimonials from satisfied customers. Some companies hide their names and faces of their support, but the manufacturers of Male Extra ( Albion ) doesn’t, you can email their support anytime you want.

Reason #4: Fair and legal billing practices!
Beware of companies that take your credit card and continue charging you month after month, hoping that you will not notice those charges. When purchasing online always make sure you know the company behind the product; in our case it is Albion Medical.

Reason #5: Complete Sexual Health System
They give you EVERYTHING you need to help ensure your success. Combine Penis-Health with Male Extra and experience a complete sexual health system which will provide you with the penis enlargement gains you desire. They have over 30+ exercises, 360 step-by-step photos and pre-made workout routines.

Reason #6: Potent, “Extra Strength” Ingredients!
Male Extra Extra Formula Cheap, weak and low grade extracts have been used by other companies to ensure they maintain their high profit margins. Albion mission has been simply to offer the fastest, most effective method for penile enlargement possible.

The new Male Extra “Extra Strength” formula is designed to do this quicker and better than ever before. They used state of the art ingredient extraction technology in their GMP approved facilities to ensure their Male Extra product gives you the potency you need to get quick results.

Reason #7: Industry’s first ever 6 month guarantee!
They offer a FULL 6 month guarantee so you can use our system with complete confidence.

Reason #8: Medical Approvals and endorsements!
With medical community backing from two prestigious American doctors and Medical Herbalist G.Alexander M.I.H, you can rest assured that the Male Extra penis enlargement system they offer is designed to add inches to your penis.

Reason #9: Real customer testimonials!
They receive Male Extra testimonials every single day and our 24/7 Mens-Network support forum contains a logbook which is full of clients who have increased the size of their penis with the Male Extra system.
You can view all their recent testimonials at

Reason #10: Quick Trackable Delivery
With shipment fulfillment centers in Europe and the United States of America they are in the perfect position to offer you quick and efficient delivery. They offer delivery tracking and much more.

Male Extra
How Safe Is The Product?

Most men are concerned about their safety when using the product and this is something that I understand. You want to help and not hurt your progress.

Taking a look back at history natural herbs were used to cure many ailments. One those the ailments were sexual problems.

The amount of money in an industry like prescription drugs have made the use of natural remedies a lot harder to be available. Natural remedies don’t pay doctors.

Male Extra

For that same reason, many doctors quicker recommend medication instead of using natural cures. To make Male Extra the safest male enhancement supplement on the market the makers have done it all natural.

Combining modern science and wisdom from times past, manufactures have created the ultimate natural male enhancement supplement.

Unlike most of the new medications that exist on the market, the chemicals used in them can cause severe organ damage. With Male Extra this is not something you have to worry about.

For me, I would always opt to go the natural and safer way to taking drugs anytime. Prescription drugs have long-term effects on your health, and that’s something you want to avoid at all cost.


Male Extra Dosage

2 high quality pills a day (monthly supply is 60 capsules) – All capsules are of extremely high quality and by taking more (usual is 2 a day) you will see faster gains.

Positivesmale extra
Some of the benefits from using Male Extra are:

Increased Libido
Harder erections
Longer lasting erections
Increased sex stamina
An increase in penis size
No harmful chemicals to damage other organs
Claims risk-free trial for 67 days
medical studies and overviews on the website
One-year supply package offer (we recommend buying 1 year supplies)
And these are just some of the benefits you receive from using Male Extra. Take a look at the list and see the number of problems that you can eliminate today by taking this revolutionary male enhancement supplement.

From this day forward you never have to worry about erectile dysfunction and other embarrassing sexual problems again.


No Significant negative results occur .
Quick Tips For Taking Male Extra
For a man just beginning to take the supplement, it’s recommended that you take a smaller dosage. By taking a lower dosage, you allow your body to readjust to the supplement.

The lower dosage is low enough for you to see small changes and sufficient to enable your body to adjust to the changes.male extra

Rest is Must!

Rest is important when starting with this supplement and you should be getting lots of it in the beginning.

It helps to make the supplement work better in your body. It will allow your body to build up and absorb the ingredients efficiently.

So far there has not been any reports of any major side effects of using Male Extra. For you, this means that typically you should have nothing to worry about when taking the supplement.

As stated before you should always speak with your doctor before taking anything for your body. You just want to ensure that you won’t cause any damage to your body although this is not something you have to worry too much when taking Male Extra. Again I’m not a doctor.
Now taking the pill doesn’t mean you’ll start to see size gains in just one night. Most men expect that once they start taking the supplement that they will magically pack on size. It isn’t their fault we live in an age of instant gratification.

Now this does not mean that the product doesn’t work because it does and there are a lot of benefits you’ll receive from taking this supplement.

One of the biggest benefits is that a man can make size gains without having to consider surgery. Using Male Extra allows you to pack on the size without having to go under the knife. Some men have reported an increase in penis size by at least 1.5 inches and some even more.

Doctor Endorsements

Dr. Weven Von, M.D.Doctor Recommended male extra MALE ENHANCEMENT PILL
Throughout my career as doctor, researcher and author I am constantly investigating new solutions and supplements that I can share with my patients to help them improve the quality of their sex life and that is why when I found Male Extra® I was pleasantly surprised… Check out for more!

My Experience
After doing some research on male extra, I decided to give the product a try and see results myself. The changes in the first few days were small. Tempted to stop using the product and call it a fail like every other thing I tried I decided to keep going. After a few days, the changes started showing.

One day as I was in the bathroom and I looked down I was surprised to see how full my penis looked. My body felt good, and I felt a lot more clear headed. I continued taking the pill, and my confidence grew. After struggling for so long with erectile problems, it felt good to be in control of this part of my life for the first time. For the first time, I felt like I was in control and it was all because of Male Extra.

My confidence continued to grow, and my stamina in bed increased too. Let’s just say that after faithfully using the product, I’ve been able to have more satisfying sexual encounters.

My libido and sex drive skyrocketed, and I have the stamina to keep up. I have been having problems with erectile dysfunction for some time now that it was good not to feel embarrassed after having sex. I was feeling on top of the world and like I could do anything. Talk about a confidence boost.

My story is just the story of one person. There have been many men that have reported similar results by using this product. It’s time that you take control of you sex life and Male Extra is the product to help you do so.

Male Extra Bonuses

Results In 60 Days – Or Your Money Back!
Most guys report seeing results with Male Extra™ very quickly… It’s not uncommon for men to tell us they’ve seen a significant improvement in their erection quality in as little as 14 days.

However, as our medical study proved, the BEST RESULTS are experienced after 60-90 days of supplementation with ongoing use to maintain the results!

Male Extra Testimonial
“Male Extra your system really does work, my wife is proof of that she couldn’t believe the change, I actually decided not to have sex with her for the first month I was on your system, when we started to have sex she felt the difference straight away. She can not get enough of me now, I am happy, she is happy and all thanks to you. I have just finished an 120 day supply and will be ordering a couple more bottles to see if I can get more gains, already got 2 inches!” Daryl Williams

Male Extra Speed
Your order is dispatched for delivery on the same day. All orders are sent via Fed-Ex, UPS, Unites States Postal Service, and you can check with online or telephone support regarding the tracking of your order.

Male Extra Payment Options-
Currently accept all credit cards, most debit cards, phone, PayPal and international mail order

Male Extra Conclusion
I have tried to write this review as to not sound bias towards the product, but the only reason I may seem so is because it works. Many men have tested it, and many of them are experiencing the benefits of using the product.

Many men face silently with this problem and honestly it’s a problem that can control your life. It’s something that is easier kept to yourself than to admit that you have it. When a man is unable to perform sexually, it can affect them mentally and emotionally. If a man is not able to get over this hump, they can spiral into depression. Yes, it’s that serious.

Living this way is not something you have to suffer with. Male Extra is the way for any man to regain the confidence that he needs to enjoy the sexual life that he wants. Try it today I know that you will not regret it.

The Bottom Line
male extra is very confident of its product, does what a male enhancement supplement is supposed to do – provide better erections, increased sexual desire, more pleasurable orgasms, and increase libido and stamina.

It also helps support prostate function, which is important in ensuring sperm health, supporting urine flow, and maintaining sex drive. This makes this product an ideal male enhancement supplement for men of all ages.

male extra Reviewed by